Room Parents

What does a Room Parent do in 2020?

The role is very different from past years, but we’re relying on you to help build community in our classrooms and help support the parents and teachers by acting as liaison between them, BPO, and Beach.

  • Let your teacher know that you are the room parent. and ask how they might need support or help during the school year. Introduce yourself to the class parents!
  • Forward emails from Room Parent Coordinator to class parents. (School, Class, BPO, PUSD, and PEF information only.) The weekly newsletter will come out on Monday nights.
  • Encourage parents to volunteer to help at school/BPO events (We don’t have many of these yet, but one example is during catering pickup)
  • Assist the teacher in organizing class parties or special projects. In the past we’ve used Sign up Genius, but figure out whatever tool works for you. One teacher suggested a weekly lunch for students.
  • Encourage parents to contribute to class funds and teacher/staff/schoolmate gift funds

Determine and communicate the date and location of class socials – at least one per semester. Most of these are virtual but if you need help thinking creatively, ask the friendly #roomparent slack channel!

Thank you for volunteering!

Share your news in the room parent email!

Have some news that you don’t want to keep to yourself? Use the room parent form to submit your request, which can be found here. Please submit by Monday evening so that we can send the newsletter out by Tuesday.