The Beach Parents Organization (BPO) supports Beach Elementary in Piedmont, California.

Piedmont is a self-selecting community, consisting largely of people who have moved here from elsewhere. We chose Piedmont because we share the core values of the community: public education and public service. The Beach Parents Organization epitomizes the confluence of these values: it is about parents contributing to the collective education of our community’s children. We are not merely an auxiliary of Beach Elementary — we are (along with our terrific staff and of course the kids themselves) an essential component of its daily operation. Our fundraising efforts like the Annual Giving Campaign and Spring Fling support not just enrichment activities like playground equipment and art programs but also core faculty resources in math and science; we work not just for annual events like Beach Revue and the Beach Dads’ Club world-famous pancake breakfast but also day-to-day in the garden or with after-school enrichment for our kids. (Learn more!)

In short, the Beach Parent Organization helps Beach run — and as such, it is incumbent upon all Beach parents to get involved! Fortunately, there are lots and lots of ways to get involved — be you a single-parent household, a dual-income earning household, a working parent with a stay-at-home spouse or partner, or a stay-at-home parent yourself, there is a way to get involved with BPO that accommodates your values and lifestyle! To get involved, please follow one of the links in the menus above; find a group that you find interesting, and reach out to the parent volunteer for that group or activity! If don’t find something that floats your boat, you can always reach out directly the BPO leadership or come to the next BPO meeting!