Camp Augusta

Located in Nevada City, Camp Augusta’s fun outdoor activities, delicious meals and creative challenges have made it a perennial favorite among Piedmont kids and adults alike. In a small community set in natural splendor, campers develop self-confidence, independence, social skills (emotional intelligence), creativity, activity skills, environmental awareness and appreciation, friendships, and healthy living skills.

Each year, all Beach fourth graders and their families are invited to attend Gold Rush, which is designed as a “living history” program. During Gold Rush weekend, participating students and their family member(s) will stay for two nights in the camp’s rustic (but charming) cabins/tents. While families enjoy camp activities, students participate in a Gold Rush experience incorporating the history of the Gold Rush 49ers and the Maidu Native American people.

The following objectives are the heart of the program:

  • For kids and their families to have fun in a low-anxiety environment.
  • To illustrate the conflict between the Maidu Native American people and the Gold Rush 49ers.
  • To educate students about, and illustrate key perspectives of, the Maidu and Gold Rush peoples.
  • To allow students to think analytically and critically about a common experience.
  • To allow parents, siblings, and friends to enjoy a host of activities not related to the Gold Rush experience
If you have any questions, please contact us! 17530 Lake Vera Road, Nevada City, CA 95959 Phone: 530-265-3702