Does my child need to try out?

Everyone is welcome to participate. No musical ability or experience is required.

What is the time commitment?  When are rehearsals?

All rehearsals and performances take place outside of school time. Each act is assigned a one-hour practice slot sometime between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays or Sundays. Fifth-graders will have additional rehearsals. Rehearsals begin in  January and continue every weekend (except February 16/17 during Winter Break) until the final performances in late March. Participants are expected to attend all rehearsals.

Is there a registration fee??

Each K-4 Student: $35  ($10 production costs + $25 for costume) Each 5th Grade Student: $85  ($10 production costs + $75 for three costumes) Ticket Fee Per Family: $36 for two guaranteed tickets. There is an opportunity to purchase up to four additional tickets (for a total of six per family) prior to performance weekend.

How is the money from ticket sales and other fundraising used?

After deducting expenses, all proceeds from the Revue are donated to BPO. Please contact a producer for additional ways in which you can help support the Revue and BPO through donations of products, services or money.

How can I be more involved?

The show is wholly dependent on parent volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please contact the producers at We strongly encourage new directors to volunteer – it’s not that scary. Really! If you are not interested in directing but would like to help out in other ways, we are always looking for volunteers for ticket sales, backstage crew, band, setup/cleanup, and more. Your child’s director(s) will also be contacting participating families for help during rehearsals, supervising during performances and helping with costumes. Please see the Volunteer section of this website for more information.

More questions?

Please contact us at We’d be happy to tell you more or loan you a DVD of one of the past performances so you can see for yourself what it’s all about. You can also ask any veteran Beach families for the lowdown. Chances are they have participated in the past.