BPO Leadership

2019-2020 BPO Slate

President 2019-2020,Tonya Antonucci

The role of the President is to lead our organization by harnessing our many active and enthusiastic parents! The President presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and all meetings of the members and has general supervision over the business and affairs of the BPO. For 2018-19, the President of BPO is Leila Hebshi.

First Vice President 2019-2020, Ruchi Medhaker

The role of the First Vice President is primarily to prepare for succession in the subsequent year — and in particular to build the slate of parent leaders in the spring of the year before they assume the role of President. The First Vice President is also in charge of BPO membership.

Second Vice President 2019-2020, Leila Hebshi

The role of the Second Vice President is to help coordinate the Classroom Parents. In 2018-2019, this role is being shared with a non-Executive Board position, the Social Chair. The Second Vice President brings their expertise and knowledge of the President position to advise the Executive Board throughout the year.

Treasurer 2019-2020, Seth Bindernagel

The role of the Treasurer is to manage the budget and accounts of BPO. The treasurer takes checks to BPO and writes checks from BPO and assures that any expenses are within budgeted parameters.
Assistant Treasurer 2019-2020, Andrew Wendel
Recording Secretary 2019-2020, Holly Bybee HollyBybee

The role of the recording secretary is to record the minutes of the meeting and update the website with them after the meeting.

Corresponding Secretary 2019-2020, Meredith Fowlie

The role of Corresponding Secretary is to oversee official Board communications, and to support the Recording Secretary in maintaining the minutes.